Working Group Politics

Working Group Politics

The Working Group Politics is a group that helps the serving Board Member Politics to provide political content for ECPYouth. This can be: writing a statement about an certain political topic, organising (online) events or any other political related work.

Interested in joining? Here are the requirements:

1. You are coming from Europe, preferably from an EU member state.

2. You are older than 17 years.

3. You are interested in international (European) politics.

4. You are willing to write statements and/or willing to organise (online) events.

5. A faithful Christian.

What do we give you?

1. Expanding your network.

2. Experience to work together in a European youth organization.

3. Expanding your knowledge about (European) politics.

Send your CV and motivation letter to our Board Member Politics, Jonathan de Koeijer via Contact him as well for remaining questions.

See here what the Working Group Politics has done already:

In 2019 WG Politics published a Report on Fake News and Propaganda "Tell the Truth", which is freely available below.