Forward in Faith '24

Forward in Faith | European Elections '24

Why should you vote for the European Elections?

The European Elections are coming closer and closer. From the 6th till the 9th of June, all citizens of EU Member States will head to the polls to cast their votes. Therefore, campaigns for the European Elections are getting underway. ECPYouth is set to launch the campaign at the 2nd of March in Strasbourg. But before we launch, we want you to know first: why should you vote? Our campaign leader Jonathan explains it to you!

Forward in Faith | Campaign launch video

ECPYouth launched its campaign for the European elections on March 2nd in Strasbourg, France with the slogan: Forward in Faith. Forward in Faith means guided by Biblical values that can guide us through the next 5 years. But also: Faith in joint cooperation between different visions and parties. Together, we can move the EU forward. Not in polarization, but in faith.