Resolution on Boycott Russia

Tabled by ECPYouth at the General Assembly of the ECPM on 17 June 2022 in Madrid, Spain

 Recalling that the war that was started by Russia in Ukraine eight years ago escalated to a full-scale war on 24 February 2022, 

Taking into account that on 02 March 2022 the UN General Assembly voted for the resolution which demands that Russia “immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw all of its military forces from the territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders”, which reaffirms Ukrainian sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, and Russia completely ignored the resolution, 

Emphasizing that at the end of March 2022 after the first cities were liberated from Russian army the atrocities done by them became visible to the whole world and that there are still repeated attacks on civilian facilities such as residences, schools and hospitals, and civilian casualties, including women, older persons, persons with disabilities, and children in the territories occupied by Russian troops,

Considering that all EU Member States already considered Russian actions as war crimes and atrocities against Ukrainians, and that the International Criminal Court has already launched an investigation into war crimes,

 Taking into the account that Russia destroyed, oppressed and forbade any national cultural activity in the occupied lands, as well as covered its own crimes with Russian cultural heritage and now it uses culture as part of propaganda,

Considering the ECPYouth Odesa Declaration which emphasizes equality, cooperation and sustainability as well as human dignity, 

Understanding that one of the possible ways to stop Russian aggression is by imposing economic sanctions on the Russian Federation government, 

Referring to the independent polls held in Russia, which show that the majority of Russians support the actions of their government in the war against Ukraine,

 Calls upon the governments of all European countries to: 

• impose a full embargo on natural resources coming from Russia, such as oil and diamonds, and to expedite the phasing out of Russian gas imports until the end of Russian aggression in other independent countries.

 • restrict goods that originate from Russia until the end of Russian aggression in other independent countries. 

• restrict consuming Russian products, including modern products of Russian culture, until the end of Russian aggression in other independent countries.

• ban Russian government- backed propaganda on Russian cultural superiority over neighbouring nations, including Ukraine, as well as other European countries, until the end of Russian aggression in other independent countries.