Board Members

The board of ECPYouth consists of six members, who serve in diverse directions. Due to the resignation of board member Events in January, this position is vacant till August 2023.

Sylvana Bal - President, was born in the Netherlands and grew up in Breda.

In 2022 she received her master's degree in Public Management. Prior she received her bachelor's degree in Public Administration. She studied at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. During her studies she was member of Ichthus Rotterdam, a student organisation. Currently she works for a semi-government organisation named Brabant Water, which provides clean and safe tap water in the province.

From 2019 - 2021 she was board member Organisation for PerspectieF, ChristenUnie-jongeren.

She participated in the Fellows Training (ChristenUnie) and Christian Changemakers (ECPYouth). And organized several congresses.

Victoria Meller - Treasurer, was born in Gdańsk, Poland and spent much of her upbringing after the age of 7 in the United Kingdom.

Victoria obtained her LLB in Commercial Law in 2019 and then subsequently, obtained her LLM in International Commercial Law at the University of Bristol in England.

For her Masters’ thesis, she decided to focus on IT Law, especially in regards to freedom of expression and Big Tech censorship.

Victoria personally identifies as a conservative and has a particular interest in politics, which propelled her to take part in Model United Nations while at University, as well as to become a participant of the first ever edition of Christian Changemakers programme hosted by the ECPYouth.

She currently serves her first year as a Board Member Treasurer.

Veronica Ilievska - Politics, comes from Macedonia.

Veronika holds Bachelor's degree and works in public relations and marketing areas.

She is a member of the elected council in her municipality. Veronika is fond of close interaction with the people during political campaigns and enquiring about their needs and problems.

Veronika identifies herself as a conservative and vocally defends her country's cultural and historical heritage.

She currently serves her second year as a Board Member Politics.

Valeriia Petrechkiv - Secretary, comes from the South of Ukraine and holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Development from a Lithuanian University.

Valeriia is vocal on the matters of nationalism and identity, migration, and incorporation of ethics into the policy design. She has experience working as a researcher and policy analyst at the independent think tank monitoring political developments and transparency of European institutions.

Valeriia has been involved with ECPYouth for the last three years as a former participant and current project leader of the Christian Changemakers Program. At the moment, Valeriia also occupies the Youth Liason Officer position for the ECPM.

She currently serves her first year as a Board Member Secretary.

Giorgi Labadze - Communications, was born in Georgia and grew up in Tbilisi.

in 2018 he got a bachelor's in Law. He also possesses an MA degree in American Studies and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in American Studies.

Giorgi is lecturing at Tbilisi State University, and schooling at American International High School in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Giorgi identifies himself as a conservative and is interested in the emergence of nationalism in Europe and in the United States.

Giorgi served as a board member Secretary of European Christian Political Youth for two years.

Currently, he is serving his first year of a board member Communications.