European Christian Political Youth Board Vacancy - President

ECPYouth is looking for a new President to start in December 2023!

Who we are:
The European Christian Political Youth (ECPYouth) is an association of youth political organizations from all over Europe. We are the independent youth organization of the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM). We aim to reflect and work on Christian democratic politics in Europe from an explicit Christian social view. We focus on the human being in his/her relationship to God, other people, and creation. We see this relational thinking as the heart of Christian democracy. We are convinced that young people should play a key role in politics, seeking what is best for our societies.

What Board members do:
Board members are responsible for the daily affairs of the organisation and for the tasks given by the General Assembly. Their main task consists of organizing a number of (annual) political events in countries all over Europe. Besides, they are always looking for possibilities to connect with or influence various political and Christian networks.

As President of ECPYouth, you are the face of ECPYouth. You are responsible for the board, the overall strategy, the meetings and the General Assembly. You have to be a visionary with excellent social capabilities. You have to know what Christian politics is all about and you have to have a vision on the role of ECPYouth in Europe. Your enthusiasm and structural skills have to move the board members into successful execution of the annual plans.

What you will get in return:
During your time as a board member, you will be part of a fantastic group of people within a much larger network of Christian politicians. ECPYouth grants you a lot of opportunities to meet interesting people and expand your own network and be able to travel in Europe. Financial expenses for ECPYouth will be covered. Keep in mind, this is a non-paid position.

Who you are:
We are searching for candidates with the following profile:

  • You are a faithful Christian and in strong support of Christian Democratic political values declared in our Odessa Declaration
  • Understanding of the concept of the network and its interaction with the current political situation,
  • Leadership capacities,
  • Analytical, critical and constructive thinking,
  • Strong social skills and teamwork,
  • Experience with politics and press is a plus,
  • Experience with accounting and finance is a plus.
  • Secretarial skills are a plus,
  • You have the intention to be available for at least two years as a Board Member.
  • You are not afraid of discussing with people on different areas of public policies and you are eager to share a Biblical Christian perspective.

Minimum Workload:
In total 12 hours per week. With a minimum six hours communication a week, minimum six hours of individual work a week, board meetings per phone at least once a month, four face-to-face meetings a year and other conferences or events organised by ECPYouth and its members.

Eligibility criteria:
To be eligible for Board membership, you must be aged 35 and below (at the date of the General Assembly in December 2023), and meet the requirements as set out in the function description. Throughout the selection procedure, your experience and skills will be taken into account. Also, the Selection Commission can take into account the composition of the Board (male/female, nationality, faith, Member Organisation etc.).

Application process:
As an applicant you are requested to send your application to our Secretary Valeriia Petrechkiv, Applications should be accompanied by a résumé (Curriculum Vitae) and a cover letter in which you describe your plans, ideas and contribution for ECPYouth for the coming years. If you are a member of an ECPYouth Member Organisation we also would like to receive a letter expressing support from your organization for your candidacy. If you are not representing a Member Organisation, we would like to receive a supporting letter from another relevant reference. The deadline for applications is 4 November 2023.

Upon having received your application you will receive a confirmation of receipt. After this you will be contacted for an interview by the Selection Commission. After the interview the Selection Committee will decide whether to put you forward as a candidate Board member to the General Assembly. At this General Assembly - which will tentatively take place during the Special GA on beginning of December. During this Assembly will vote to elect the Board members from the list of candidates. Your presence at the online General Assembly is required to be elected as a Board member, in which the preference is to be there physical.

If you have questions regarding the vacancies, you can contact our Secretary, Valeriia Petrechkiv,

The ECPYouth Board